Chromebook Distribution for Distance Learning – Thursday, March 26th

Dear Park Hill parents and families:

Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times. With the Mayor’s announcement this afternoon, our timeline has changed and we are hoping to distribute all technology devices by  Thursday.  DPS has been granted permission from the Mayor’s office to do this.

On Thursday, March 26th, we will distribute Chromebooks in the following manner:

9 am – 10 am ~ 5th graders (students and/or parents) will come to the school for device pickup. At this time, you may also pick up for any younger siblings that you have at Park Hill.

10 am – 11 am ~ 4th graders (same plan as for 5th grade, above)

11 am – Noon ~ 3rd graders (same plan as above)

Noon – 1 pm ~ 2nd graders (same plan as above)

1 pm – 2 pm ~ First graders (same plan as above).  Possibly IPADS instead. We will know more by Wednesday and will email details.

2 pm – 3 pm ~ Kindergarten (same plan as above). Possibly IPADS instead. We will know more by Wednesday and will email details.

3 pm – 5 pm ~ B y appointment, made via email with Mr. Burdette at


LOCATION:  All device pick-up will take place in the Staff parking lot on the East side of the school. We do not want students or parents to enter the building. Thursday’s weather looks promising, which should help this process.  We will have cars, bikers, and walkers enter through the north entrance of the lot (by the dumpsters) and follow the traffic flow to pick up the device from the appropriate station, and exit out the south side in the alley.

Additional Notes:

* Please remember that this is new for ALL of us, and we are all doing the best we can. We want to provide as much instruction and learning as we can for our students.  We also want to ensure that your students and families are safe. We will wipe down all equipment, and will wear gloves when distributing. We will maintain appropriate Social Distancing when doing so.  Thank you for all your ongoing support.

* From Mrs. McClelland:  Please email Mrs. McClelland any musical clips or videos of music-making happening in your homes during this time!  She will upload them on the Musicians of Park Hill School Facebook page for our community to enjoy.