Park Hill Personal Item Pick Up

Park Hill Parents:

In accordance with the district rules, we unfortunately are not allowed to have any students or parents into a district building. We realize that for some families, students have items in their lockers or desks they would like returned. Additionally, we are aware that for many other families there is no significant items in their locker or desk and the items can simply be donated (extra school supplies), recycled or thrown away. In an effort for admin and support staff to obtain only the needed items that families are requesting we ask all families to fill out the following form to help guide us in what items need to be returned or not.

NOTE: If a family is choosing to pick up items from the school, they will then get a set appointment time/date in which they will pick up items in a designated “drive-through” area. If you are picking up items please look for this communication starting on May 18th. If a family is opting NOT to pick up items from a locker then please submit this form for verification and NO other action is needed. In advance, we thank families for the donated school supplies. This form needs to be completed for EACH of your Park Hill students.



Ken Burdette