Panther Pages, January 15, 2021

Good Afternoon Park Hill Families!

Thank you for a successful first week back to in-person learning. It is
evident how happy our students are to be back in person. Overall,
it was a good week, and we hope to build on this moving forward.
Our goal is to be able to maintain an in-person option for the
remainder of the school year. With your help and with the
diligence of our staff, I believe we can make this happen.

A few important notes:
1) Afternoon Dismissal – We are still working through a few logistics and traffic patterns, but I have noticed an improvement each day this week. I want to remind and encourage all parents to adhere
to our safety protocols at dismissal. When picking up your child, please ensure that you are wearing a mask and that you are properly distancing. I have noticed a few parents waiting on the north side of
19th Ave. until they see their child come out. This is a good example of how we can support one another and keep our community healthy. Please note we are also dismissing at the same time as
Blessed Sacrament, so the traffic is a concern. I recommend parking a block or two away from the school and walking to allow for a smoother dismissal process.

2. I also want to inform our parents and families that we will be showing parts of the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday, January 20, in grades 3rd-5th. Our teachers will discuss the importance of a presidential election, what an inauguration entails, and what this means in our country. I want to be clear that our role as educators is to be neutral and objective, not share our opinions or attempt to influence a particular party or set of ideals. Our curriculum and our standards include teaching current events, and a presidential election / inauguration is a significant current event. We will do this on Wednesday in a manner that is representative of all students and representative in the context of current news and current events. Please reach out if you have any additional questions regarding this.

*If anything were to occur during the inauguration that we believe is not age appropriate, we will discontinue the viewing and move on with typical Wednesday activities.

Thank you, and have a safe weekend.
Ken Burdette, Principal