Panther Pages, January 8, 2021

We are so excited to be back in-person on Monday!! As a
reminder, we are offering a Rolling Start in hopes of limiting the
number of people congregating and gathering each
morning. The Rolling Start is between the times of 8:00 am – 8:20
am: We will begin meeting students at their designated location as
early as 8:00 am. We will consider your student tardy after 8:20 am.

Which Doors do Students Use:
o ECE ~ through the ECE classroom door – Door #17.
o K ~ through their individual classroom doors. Ms Lulu’s
door is door #14. Ms Neale’s door is door #15.
o K – Mrs Miller’s class will enter through the Gym doors –
door #19 – on the West side of the school (Elm street
and 19th Avenue).
o 1st grade will enter through the following Doors:
Harris and Wiant – South Doors #13
Boyer – Classroom Door #11
Davenport – Classroom Door #12
o 2nd grade will enter through the north-facing Northwest doors on      19th Avenue and Elm St (by the Gym) – Door #20.
o 3rd grade will enter through the north-facing Northeast doors on        19th Avenue (by the
auditorium). This will allow them to use the staircase that goes to        the 3rd floor, where 3rd grade is the only grade on that floor. This        is Door #2
o 4th grade will enter through the main north-facing doors on 19th        Avenue – Door #1.
o 5th grade will enter through the main south-facing doors in the            back courtyard – Door#8.
o The Center-Program will enter through the main north-facing                doors on 19th Avenue – Door #1.
o We will not accommodate student sibling requests to enter the            same door, same time.

Please visit for more information.

School Choice
If you have a student that will be new to DPS next school
year, in order to participate in Denver Public Schools Choice
process, families may pre-enroll their student now!
Please visit for
more information.

The SchoolChoice enrollment process for the 2021-2022
school year will open on Friday, January 15, 2021, and will
continue through Tuesday, February 16, 2021.
If your student is going in to ECE, Kindergarten, or Sixth Grade,
you will need to complete the choice process. In addition,
any DPS student who is not currently enrolled at a Denver
Public School, or wants to attend a school other than their
automatically assigned neighborhood school must take part
in SchoolChoice.

Please visit for more information.

*Middle School Open Houses for Fifth Graders

Family and Mental Health Resources
Welcome back! Hopefully the promise of a new year brings
hope and optimism for 2021. Even so, many families in our
community continue to face unprecedented challenges. It
is important to know that you or your family members might
experience intense and complex emotions during these
times. While many welcomes the transition to in-person
learning, it may also feel like a disruption or bring up questions
about safety. Even those who remain in remote learning may
be faced with schedule changes or classroom changes. If
you or your children are experiencing emotions of anxiety,
disappointment, stress, or isolation, know that you are not
alone in this.

If you are having concerns about your Park Hill student, visit for more
information and resources. In addition, PLEASE reach out to a
trusted PHE staff member or our PHE school psychologist, Julia