Panther Pages, February 19, 2021

For Covid Safety, PE will be OUTSIDE Daily
PE class will be outside EVERY day. PLEASE, make sure your
child(ren) has at least a hat and gloves for PE – and preferably
boots after a snow. Mrs. Horeis is hearing a lot of “I am so cold!”
Imagine the students trying to catch a football while their hands
are in the sleeves of their sweatshirt…

There is no ‘bad’ weather – only poor preparation. If your
child(ren) does not have a hat, gloves or shoes that are
appropriate for the cold weather, let us know. Also, if you have
extra winter items (gloves, hats, boots) around, please consider
donating them to the school.

Tips for winter gear from a mom of 2 boys!
● Get a set of gloves and hat to keep in a backpack at all
● Label items (items in Lost & Found with first and last names
are often returned to their owners)
● Make them take a coat on super cold days, even if they
don’t want to.

PE ScheduleYour child has PE on the SAME day, every week.

Report Cards Available Through Parent Portal
The 2nd trimester grades are now available through Parent
Portal. Parents can access their student’s report cards through
their Parent Portal account ( Once
you log in to your DPS Parent Portal account, click on Report
Card. Current report card grades are under Term2: T2 (choose
T2 from drop down menu next to Report Card Term). If you have
additional questions specific to a class please reach out directly
to your student’s teacher for clarification and information.

Fifth-Grade Riding The Waves Curriculum
What is Riding the Waves? – Information for families
Riding the Waves is developmentally appropriate for 5th grade
students and taught by the Park Hill school psychologist and
classroom teachers. Lessons address healthy emotional
development, depression and anxiety. This curriculum’s
overarching goal is to build the emotional skills within children
to prevent suicide at it’s earliest stages.

The resource Safe2Tell is shared with all students.
1. Lesson 1 – Handout for Families
2. Lesson 2 – Handout for Families
3. Lesson 3 – Handout for Families
4. Lesson 4 – Handout for Families
5. Lesson 5 – Handout for Families
6. Lesson 6 – Handout for Families