Panther Pages, January 29, 2021

Late Arrival & Early Pick-Up Procedures Reminder
If you are bringing your student to school late (after 8:20 am),
please bring them to the main front doors of the school and ring
the bell. Someone from the office will come down to collect
your student and deliver them to their classroom.
If you plan to pick up your student from school early, please call
the front office when you arrive at the building. When we know
you are here, we will collect your students from their classroom
and deliver them to you out the main front doors of the school.
Please give yourself an extra 10 minutes for this process. We will
not grant early dismissals after 2:30 pm.

Simple Acts of Kindness
Park Hill Staff has witnessed multiple simple acts of kindness here
at school the past couple of weeks. Students are holding the
doors for each other; showing empathy when a classmate is hurt
or upset; playing well together; sharing kind words; and are
especially welcoming to students who are new to the school. It
is SO great to have the students back in person!!! We are proud
of them and the resilience they’ve shown.

DPS Mask Policy Update
We ask that all students wear a DPS Compliant Mask while at
school and that it covers the student’s mouth and nose at all
times. This means no neck gaiters, bandanas, or masks with
valves. If students show up with a non-compliant mask, we will
provide them with a DPS issued mask for the school day. More
information on DPS Compliant Masks can be found at this link.