Panther Pages, September 24, 2021

Happy Friday Park Hill Families:

As you may have seen from Principal Burdette’s email, we are seeing increasing cases of Covid in our school community.  These are the measures we are taking to help avoid exposures at school:

Extra building cleaning will occur

– ALL breakfast and lunch will take place outdoors. Students will not be permitted to eat breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria, barring a major rainstorm or significant inclement weather. Please dress your students in warm clothes in the mornings.

– We are moving to full masks for next week.  This means students and staff will wear masks indoors and outdoors. Students will be afforded an opportunity to take an outside mask break(s); however, this mask break will not include physical activity or close proximity to students. When students play at recess, etc, they will be required to wear their mask.

– We are postponing next Friday’s Movie Night and Direct Giving. We value our opportunity to connect as a community. However, we do not want to be the source of a super-spreader event.   We will of course welcome any donations you are still willing to make, and we appreciate that in advance.  We will look to reschedule the movie night down the road once things hopefully settle down.

Lastly, we ask that you as parents, guardians, and family members continue to do your part to keep everyone safe. We are making these changes at the school level to better protect our students and staff.  If there are changes you can make in your plans, please do so.  This could include: Masks at birthday parties or block parties, delaying that flight out of town, minimizing exposures at sports practices and games, and carry-out vs dining-in.  Just some thoughts.  Thank you in advance.

No School for students on Monday, September 27th!

Monday is a teacher planning day and students have the day off.

After School Enrichment Pick Up Details

Enrichments begin next Tuesday, September 28th.  Please double check the times and dates of your child’s enrichment courses (note that not all courses end at the same time).  Due to COVID restrictions, pick up will be on the back playground.  Parents will not come into the building to pick up their children as has occurred in past years.  There is limited staff in the office during enrichments, so please try to avoid early pick-ups.  Note: there will be no enrichments on Monday due to students having a day off.

October Count

On October 1st, schools throughout the state of Colorado perform attendance counts.  These counts determine funding allocations for schools and are vital for our budget and ensuring staffing and school support for your children.  We request that all families have their children at school this day if at all possible.  The exception to this is if your child is sick, please keep them at home.  Every classroom with on-time, perfect attendance will receive extra ROAR tickets and an extra recess to be determined by their teacher.

Kiss and Drop

We are excited to bring back our “Kiss and Drop” Lane. Starting Tuesday, September 28th, we will once again implement our morning “Kiss and Drop” lane for parents who wish to drop off their children safely without needing to park their cars and walk their child(ren) to the doors. We will have 5th grade student leaders along with adults outside to help with this plan.  The times for Kiss and Drop will be 8:10am – 8:30am each morning. We will utilize the north facing lane (school-side) of 18th and Elm St each morning.

*Parents, please note this also means you cannot park between 18th and Elm on the east side of the street.

*K-1st students will be escorted by 5th grade leaders to their line-up spot (as needed).

Volunteer Updates

DPS has updated their volunteer guidelines.  Last week we noted that proof of completion of COVID vaccination series is now required for all volunteers.  Additionally, we were notified that all volunteers who are with children in an unsupervised setting at any time must complete a higher-level background check.  Please contact if this is applicable to you or you have any questions.  The website to register as a volunteer is:

Chromebooks and Chargers:

Last call! If you have any devices or chargers at home from last year’s Remote Days, please return to the office ASAP. Thank you!

Picture Day

School picture day is Tuesday, October 5th & Wednesday, October 6th.  Flyers were sent home earlier this week with your child.  You can go online and order now. with your Student’s School ID number or Picture Day ID: EVTJCVWQM. Your child will let you know which day they will have their picture taken.

Girls on the Run – Openings on another team!

The Park Hill teams are completely full. Did you still want your kid to do Girls on the Run?  No worries, The City Park team would welcome any additional girls. They meet on Monday/Wednesday from 3:30-5 PM by the Museum of Nature and Science. If you have any questions about the team, contact the Site Coordinator/Coach for the group, Kodi at or

HGT/GT testing for grades 1,3,4 and 5

The fall testing nomination is now open through October 15. The application is available online at When you get to the site, scroll down until you see ‘Interested in Magnet Testing?’

This nomination form is for families seeking Gifted and Talented (GT) identification and/or placement at a Highly Gifted Magnet Site. This series of cognitive tests provide us with information for potential HGT or GT identification. Qualifying scores will be put into a body of evidence as 1 data point toward identification. Ultimately 3 qualifying data points are needed for formal identification.

The testing will occur at Park Hill Elementary during the testing window of October 25 – December 3, 2021. Remember the deadline for applications is October 15, 2021.

All kindergarteners and 2nd graders in DPS are given a different HGT/GT test and therefore do not need to apply.  Contact Mary Lauth, Park Hill GT teacher, with questions.