Panther Pages, December 17, 2021

Dear Park Hill Elementary families:

Phew! What a semester!  We made it through masks, Covid, quarantine, random days off, wind storms, threats (today), and more!  We are so proud of your children and all they have accomplished and persevered through thus far.  Thank you ALL for being our partners in this endeavor – it is an honor to work with you and your children.

In addition, thank you for your generosity this Holiday season with our gift card drive. We were able to make sure each donated card made its way into a household that could use a little extra support.

I wish you all a great Winter Break and Happy Holidays.  I hope this time off brings peace and happiness to your families. We will see you back here on Tuesday, January 4th (no school on 1/3).

-Ken Burdette, Principal

Response to ‘Tik Tok Challenge’ and Safety Email

We fully recognize that last night’s DPS email regarding the TikTok challenge caused panic for some families.  While incredibly sad and frustrating, something like that is out of our hands in regards to the DPS communication and social media.   Please know that we at PHE take this very seriously.  Your child’s safety is our top priority.  We increased our presence outside today, ensuring an adult walked the perimeter any time students were outside. We also ate inside rather than outside as an additional measure. Lastly, our exterior doors remain locked at all times. We are committed to the safety of our students and staff.


Winter Break December 18th-January 3rd

Please mark your calendars and plan appropriate childcare for the upcoming Winter Break.  Note that Monday, January 3rd is a planning day for teachers and there will be no school as well.


Parking – Handicapped Spots and the Neighborhood 

With the weather change, more families are deciding to drive to school.  Please be aware that we have students and staff that use the handicapped parking spots at the building.  These families and staff have noted that the spots are often blocked by vehicles, bikes, pets, etc (even if it’s only temporarily) and this can cause a health and safety burden for these families.

Additionally, we are a community school surrounded by a greater neighborhood.  We strive to be a good neighbor to all families around us, so please do not block driveways, park in alleyways, or block surrounding streets.  Please add in the necessary time in your day to find a safe, appropriate parking spot.


Enrollment Updates and Virtual Tour video

Please tell your friends and neighbors unfamiliar with the school registration process that Pre-enrollment is open and that the School Choice window will be opening on January 14th.  These families can pre-enroll now to get their student ID numbers which will be needed for access to the School Choice website.  Please follow this link for details and forms on how to pre-enroll:

Once pre-enrolled, ALL ECE, Kindergarten and transfer students will then need to make their enrollment decisions once the  School Choice window opens on January 14-February 15.  Families that live in the neighborhood with ECE, Kindergarten or transfer students that plan to send their children to PHE in the 2022 school year still need to complete the School Choice enrollment even if they are not planning to Choice into other schools!  Details can be found on the DPS Choice website at

Also, families can also view the Park Hill Virtual Tour which is now on the website if they are not familiar with the school:


Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum from Ms. Nonino

Hello Families!

As we head off into winter break, I’m pleased to share with you a link for the Student Sampler of the Cleo Parker Robinson’s Dance Ensemble’s annual production of Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum.  This is a wonderful, local, holiday tradition.  Kinder through 4th grades watched most of the Student Sampler video in Dance & Drama class, but please feel free to watch it again as a family or finish watching it from where we left off.  5th grade did not get to watch it so please take advantage of it during the break and learn about holiday traditions from around the world through the joy of dance.   The student sampler is just a snippet of the actual show, which is playing at Cleo’s Theatre on December 17th, 18th and 19th.  Unfortunately, the show is completely sold out this year (Cleo Parker Robinson herself is playing the role of Granny!) but please consider supporting this fantastic, local, arts organization by purchasing tickets to see the recorded virtual version of the stage performance (different from the green screen version you’ll see in the student samper link below.). Enjoy!   Wishing you all a happy holiday season and new year!


Information Regarding Oral Health Screens – *PLEASE READ*

DPS cares about the health of your child. To support our efforts to identify health issues that may impact your child’s success and ability to learn, we are resuming our health screening program with in-person vision and hearing screenings at school.

Due to the impacts of the pandemic, we will be unable to provide in-person oral health screenings this year. Since good oral health is so important for concentration, we are asking that you please complete the Oral Health Screening At Home survey on the Parent Portal. A few minutes and a flashlight or good light source is all you need to complete the screening!

Along with the vision and hearing data, the information collected through the online oral health survey will help us connect you and your students to any health resources you may need.

Please complete the survey electronically within three weeks from today. Although the data is most accessible electronically, if there is a need to complete a paper copy, please contact the school’s health or front office, then return the document within 2 weeks of this message.