Direct Giving Campaign

Direct Giving Fundraiser


Take a moment to watch a video from Principal Burdette about the importance of the Direct Giving Campaign.



Direct Giving/Movie Night
As you already know, our movie night was postponed due to the increasing number of COVID cases and related concerns about large in-person gatherings. While disappointing, we remain committed to hosting this fun community event. Stay tuned for a new date in the spring!


In the meantime, our Direct Giving campaign remains open for donations. This is the only fundraiser where donations are given directly to grade-level teams and those funds are used this academic year. If you choose to donate towards your child’s grade you can rest assured they will directly benefit from that donation. If you had been planning on donating to your child’s teachers, please don’t let the postponement of the movie night deter you. And don’t worry, we won’t be asking for donations at the rescheduled movie night in the spring.

In fact, we only have three direct fundraising events during the school year: Direct Giving/Movie Night, the I heart Park Hill Auction, and the student-led Fund Run/Dance Party fundraiser.   While we appreciate support through school sponsorships, corporate matching, grocery cards, amazon smile purchases, and restaurant nights out, you will only be asked to donate directly to the school three times during the school year.  As such, Direct Giving is an important fundraiser and teachers are very appreciative of all donations that are made.

On the PTSA website “store” you will find options to donate directly to grade level teams (ECE through 5th grade) and the specials team. Donations can be made using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Donations of cash or checks may also be dropped off at the front office if that is your preference (please make a note of your child’s grade level on any donations given to the front office staff).

Donations will be accepted through October 15, 2021.