Park Hill School Enrichment Fall 2019 Registration Packet

Registration will begin Monday, August 26th, 3:00pm and will end Friday, August 30th. Any registration received before August 26th will be refused. In order to enroll your child(ren), please follow the directions specified below each individual Enrichment class description. Register / pay online (if online registration is provided by vendor), or send in your registration form and payment to the vendor(s), no later than Friday, August 30th. *Please note: space is limited (all classes are first come first served). Also, See below for Scholarship request instructions.

Registration Guidelines:

  • You, as parents, will register with and pay each Enrichment Program Provider directly. This means, you will NOT turn in your registration forms to the school office, unless specified.
  • In order to register your student with each Enrichment Vendor, you will be provided with at least two of the following options:

o Register/Pay online at a designated secure website provided by the Enrichment Vendor.

o Email or mail a registration form to a designated contact along with payment for the program.

o Call a designated Enrichment Program contact to register and make payment

The Enrichment Provider will email or call you directly to confirm yourstudent’s enrollment in the specific Enrichment Program

Scholarship Request Registration Guidelines:

  • Park Hill Elementary will continue to accept scholarship requests in the front office no later than Thursday, August 29th. Please limit your request to one per child.
  • In order to ensure your child is enrolled, please register your child for theclass per the vendor’s instruction or contact the vendor directly before the August 30th registration close date.QUESTIONS? 720-424-4910 (school office)

2019 Fall Enrichment Packet .PDF