Facebook Live Sessions

Round 1 SchoolChoice Facebook Live Sessions for Families

Enrollment Services will be hosting Facebook Live sessions to answer questions about Round 1 of SchoolChoice in the month of January and February. Enrollment Services is invited to many school-based “Choice Nights” every year and we value attending these events to assist families with the SchoolChoice process. However, we are invited to so many that we can’t attend them all. We strongly encourage schools who may be considering holding their own “Choice Nights” to share the Facebook Live session details with families so that our team can directly connect with them and answer their questions.

How will it work?

Enrollment Services will provide sessions for:

o   ECE

o   Elementary

o   Middle and High School

These sessions will be offered in both English and Spanish

Families can view the sessions at https://www.facebook.com/DenverPublicSchools

Each session will be recorded and uploaded to our website for families to watch at any time.

Here is a snapshot of the Facebook Live schedule: