GT / Challenge K – 5

Mary Lauth – Room 217 North

5th grade math extension – 2/13/18  In class, the unit on fractions oftentimes finds students feeling a little stumped… So in math extension, I supported this concept directly.  Students are reviewing strategies and content about fractions along with solving word problems while playing Jenga.  Once they’ve solved a problem and proven to their group that the answer is correct, they get to move a Jenga piece.  This definitely increases motivation and interest in reviewing tricky concepts!

4th grade Math Extension – 2/13/18 The students have been rotating through games regarding Geometry and Measurement. These games align with and extend what students are learning in class.  The vocabulary students are using is fantastic!

This week, we switched to Valentine math involving Pascal’s Triangle, patterns, strategies for solving, and logic.  Such great observations about patterns within Pascal’s Triangle!

3rd grade Math Extension – 2/13/18 Students have been working on an Olympic related word problem about Bobsleds – it has multiple solutions so they’ve been at it for a while.  It involves multiplication and division and using different strategies in order to find different solutions. Students are showing perseverance.  This week, students started putting their solutions into a chart to double check that each answer is actually a true solution.  Next week students are going to write about their math.  

Here’s the problem we’ve been working on… in so many words…

There were 29 helmets in a pile.  Edgar had to sort them to get them back to their owners.  The bobsledders were in 2-person and 3-person bobsleds.  How many ways could Edgar sort these helmets?  Show your solutions.

Second Grade Math Extension – We played a fun card game to work on our understanding of place value up to numbers in the thousands. Mrs. Euser’s class found it unacceptable that the game had no name, and so they dubbed it “Place Value Triple Draw” Even though eventually they drew more than three cards, we liked this name. Students had to think strategically and contemplate probability as well.

First Grade Math Extension – First graders learned a new word – geometry – and that they already know some by reviewing both 2D and 3D shapes they have learned. We then looked in magazines for pictures of these shapes, cut them out, and glued, and labeled to create their own  shape posters.