GT / Challenge K – 5

Hello!  We’d love to share some general information about our GT/Challenge Program here at Park Hill.  Our primary goal is to best meet individual learning needs and our program’s structure reflects that intent.       

The math challenge groups in grades 1-5 are fluid and change regularly with each unit so as to continually support individual learning needs with each new concept. Mary Lauth pulls groups once or twice per week for 3rd – 5th grades, and Susie Seawell pulls students from 1st and 2nd grades once a week.   

In grades 2-5, before each math unit begins, the students take a pre-assessment in their classrooms regarding the new concept(s). Students who score high on that assessment are then pulled out for small groups during that unit to extend the concept.  In 1st grade, we meet with teachers at the start of each math unit to discuss students’ conceptual understandings of the upcoming content. We then determine who should be pulled out for extension groups. In all grades, students might come to extension groups for one unit and then stay in their classroom for the next unit, depending on their understanding of the new concepts and strategies from each unit.  We look at what will best benefit each individual student. 

To support language arts in grades 1-3, we train parents and paraprofessional to facilitate inquiry based reading groups using Jr. Great Books curriculum. Students meet weekly to discuss passages using high level questioning techniques. Grades 4-5 are supported by using Costa’s level of questioning in book clubs. In addition, based on assessment data along with teacher recommendation, we provide guidance for an independent at-home research project. Choice Projects, as they are called, are an in depth, long term project where students independently research a topic of their choosing while being supported by weekly meetings at school.

If you have questions about our GT/Challenge Program, please reach out to Mary Lauth at