In-Person Procedures – COVID

Official School Hours for In-Person Learning:  8:10 am – 3:00 pm

During the Pandemic, we are offering a Rolling Start in hopes of limiting the number of people congregating and gathering each morning.  The Rolling Start is between the times of 8:00 am – 8:20 am: We will begin meeting students at their designated location as early as 8:00 am. We will consider your student tardy after 8:20 am.

We are also implementing a staggered dismissal time for the same reasons:

  • K & 1st: 2:45 pm – 2:50 pm
  • 2nd & 3rd: 2:50 pm – 2:55 pm
  • 4th & 5th: 2:55 pm – 3:00 pm
  • You must pick up your student by 3:00 pm

Which Doors do Students Use:

  • ECE ~ through the ECE classroom door – Door #17.

  • K ~ through their individual classroom doors. Ms Lulu’s door is door #14. Ms Neale’s door is door #15.

  • K – Mrs Miller’s class will enter through the Gym doors – door #19 – on the West side of the school (Elm street and 19th Avenue).

  • 1st grade will enter through the following Doors:

    • Harris and Wiant – South Doors #13

    • Boyer – Classroom Door

    • Davenport – Classroom Door

  • 2nd grade will enter through the north-facing NorthWest doors on 19th Avenue and Elm St (by the Gym) – Door #20.

  • 3rd grade will enter through the north-facing NorthEast doors on 19th Avenue (by the auditorium). This will allow them to use the staircase that goes to the 3rd floor, where 3rd grade is the only grade on that floor. This is Door #2

  • 4th grade will enter through the main north-facing doors on 19th Avenue – Door #1.

  • 5th grade will enter through the main south-facing doors in the back courtyard – Door #8.

  • The Center-Program will enter through the main north-facing doors on 19th Avenue – Door #1.

  • We will not accommodate student sibling requests to enter the same door, same time.

Late Arrival and Early Pick-Up: 

– If you are bringing your student to school late (after 8:20 am), please bring them to the main front doors of the school and ring the bell. Someone from the office will come down to collect your student and deliver them to their classroom. If you plan to pick up your student from school early, please call the front office when you arrive at the building. When we know you are here, we will collect your student from their classroom and deliver them to you out the main front doors of the school. Please give yourself an extra 10 minutes for this process. We will not grant early dismissals after 2:30 pm.

At-Home Health Screening Tool Safe Access –
SafeAccess is a platform that ensures visitors follow health safety policies to keep locations protected and safe from external risk.



– Students who do not complete an At-Home Health Screening will have their temperature checked at the door by a PHE team member.

– As more of our students return for in-person learning, it is important to make sure our families have access to information, including student-screening guidance, our COVID-19 Response Team, what happens when a student is sick or becomes ill, and our process for returning to school after a confirmed case. DPS has created a comprehensive source for families and DPS community members detailing important health and safety information, which will be available on the DPS website.

– Though families may conduct a symptom screening at home, their students may also be screened at school. Those who do not pass at-home screening should stay home and NOT come to school and should call the attendance line at school, notifying the school of illness.

Schedule for In-Person Learning:

Grade Level Lunch Times Recess Time Specials Times
K 12:40 1:00-1:25 8:30-9:10
1st 11:00 11:20-11:45 2:05-2:45
2nd 11:20 11:40-12:05 1:20-2:00
3rd 11:40 12:00-12:25 11:00-11:40
4th 12:00 12:20-12:45 10:10-10:50
5th 12:25 12:40-1:10 9:20-10:00


We will continue to implement Safeguards in-line with the DPS-5 Implementation Plan.  The 5 key areas of focus are:

COMPLETE YOUR HEALTH SCREENING. Complete a health screening every day before entering, and please stay home if you are sick. Re: Adults and students.

WEAR A MASK OR FACE COVERING. Face coverings are required for all. We will take Mask Breaks.

MAINTAIN PHYSICAL DISTANCE. Minimum of 3 feet for students, 6 feet for adults.

MEET VIRTUALLY. Our PHE team members will not conduct in-person meetings or use communal spaces in an effort to maintain our health and safety.

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE. Cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching your face. We will frequently wash our hands and/or use hand sanitizer. We will wipe surfaces and sanitize rooms/spaces.