February 19

This Mindfulness meditation is about getting in touch with our inner joy.  Did you know you can tap into joy any time, any place?  This is a great calm, yet energizing, meditation exercise.
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February 12

This Mindfulness video is about Tools to customize, enhance and support your students’ and your Mindfulness practice. It includes a body scan practice which can be used when needing to calm the nervous system, improve focus, or wind down for sleep. Tools include beads, glitter jars, mindfulness apps, YouTube videos, books, coloring books, and more.

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February 5

This Mindfulness meditation is about finding comfort. It introduces a relaxing (5-in, 8-out) breath pattern and a proven calming and comforting technique, the “butterfly hug and tap” technique.

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January 29

This Mindfulness meditation is about Happiness with a breathing exercise but also movement, visualization, and tips on how to GET HAPPY any time you want to!

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January 18

This Mindfulness meditation addresses common emotions for all of us…fear and anxiety.  The opposite of fear is trust.  This exercise is designed to support us in getting through feaful and anxious situations and even addresses how to deal with bullying.  We can strengthen our resilience muscle with mindfulness.

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January 11

This video explores where in our bodies we feel certain sounds. It is a standing exercise.

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December 17

We wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to have Mindfulness available for your children/students during Winter Break.  So, here is a video you can play for your children/students next Monday.  It includes links to two bonus videos you can do with your children over break as well as a link to a printable Mindful Calendar with suggestions for other activities for them to do.

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December 11

This week, we are practicing a Mindfulness technique called Balanced Breathing or Alternate Nostril Breathing.  It may bring some giggles from students at first; but if they try it, they should find it to bring a deep sense of calm and focus. (You may want to have them blow their noses into a tissue before they do the practice and prior to starting the video).
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December 4

This week, we are trying out a standing meditation called Zhan Zhuang.  Some people do not like to sit to meditate.  This is a great practice for shifting our focus to mind over body – which enhances our ability to focus.  It also gets us out of our seats!
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November 30

This week, we are working on Dealing with Disappointment. This Mindfulness meditation gives you a tool to help when dealing with disappointment or missed expectations. The breathing tool featured in this video is called “Square Breathing” and is used by the Navy Seals to deal with stressful situations.
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November 20

This week, we are practicing Gratitude.  This Mindfulness video incorporates some movement, but also an appreciation for what we have…also known as gratitude. Practicing gratitude has been shown to boost mood, improve physical health, sense of well being, and increase happiness…among other benefits.

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