May 17

This Mindfulness exercise helps us find pause. It’s helpful to get in touch with that quiet space within which we can access when life feels wobbly.

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May 3

This Mindfulness meditation (recorded on Earth Day 2021) is about finding our awareness of what a gift it is to live on Planet Earth. Science has shown that feeling connected to nature helps us feel more grounded, but also reduces depression and anxiety. This is a great meditation to do outside!

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April 19

This Mindfulness meditation is about giving loving kindness to ourselves and people in our world (teachers, first responders, front line workers, and everyone on the planet). Recent research has shown that loving kindness meditation helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

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April 12

This Mindfulness exercise is great when you need to reset your energy. Often when we sit for long periods of time, energy gets stuck and we feel meh. This exercise can help shake things up (or off) and help us re-center our energy – improving focus, calm and the ability to sit still. This is a great thing to do before needing to concentrate or during transitions (like from recess back to school, at the beginning of the school day, or before a test).

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April 5

This Mindfulness meditation is about Finding Your Center. Let’s review a basic breathing technique that supports finding that still, small space within where we find our center of calm. When we can do this, we are more able to focus, find calm, perform better on tests, in sports, and in performance arts among other activities.

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March 22

This Mindfulness meditation is a revisit of square breathing and a reminder of the usefulness of mindfulness breath work.

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March 15

This week’s Mindfulness practice is about recognizing when we are thinking certain thoughts or feeling certain emotions that are unwanted or unpleasant and “flipping the script”…finding the strength within us to choose a different thought or emotion…an important EQ, or emotional intelligence skill.

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