If you have questions/concerns about your child’s school bus (i.e. late or missed bus, child not riding), please contact transportation through the dispatch hotline: 720-423-4624.

Opt-In for Transportation for the 2021-22 School Year

Are you eligible for transportation (students in kindergarten through grade five must reside more than one mile from their boundary/home school)? If so, and you would like to catch a ride to campus for the 2021-22 school year, make sure you opt-in. The time is now! You must opt-in by the end of May – the ability to opt-in will shut down during June and July. Please note, this opt-in process is a major change from years past.

What families need to do now:

  • Log into the Parent Portal
  • Navigate to the Transportation page, where you’ll find Opt-In Program form
  • The default for all students is set to “Opt-out.” If you’d like your student to utilize their transportation eligibility, please switch the toggle to “Opt-in”
  • Remember to click the “submit” button to save your request
  • Email your questions to

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