Panther Pages, August 27, 2021

Park Hill Families:
Good afternoon Park Hill Families and happy Friday. We have
successfully made it through our first week of school. We recognize
that there were a few hiccups and some additional logistics we
needed to figure out. Nonetheless, it was a good week overall. I saw
many happy students and joyful classrooms. A big thank you to all of
the teachers and staff, the students and the families. Together, we
made it a great first week back, and I hope everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend.

I do believe it is important to share our district’s health and safety
protocols at this time. Included in this newsletter is a link to the DPS
website that clarifies our health and safety protocols as they relate to COVID.  At Park Hill, we are fortunate to have an amazing nurse and office staff that are well-versed in how to handle a child who is not feeling well. While there are specific protocols in place, we will handle each case individually as it comes. We will investigate the reasons and symptoms of why a child does not feel well. This will include whether or not they had breakfast, if there is an underlying or pre-existing medical condition such as allergies or asthma, and we will do everything we can to determine how that child is feeling at the moment and what needs to be done. We will also communicate with parents, which may include the need to pick up your child from the office if there are noticeable symptoms. Please do not pre-load your student with Advil/Tylenol or any other medication prior to coming to school if you know they are already not feeling well. We thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Our goal is to keep Park Hill open and to keep all of our students and adults safe and healthy.

Ken Burdette, Principal

DPS COVID related information
DPS has published COVID related resources and information for
families. The site includes information about testing, next steps after a positive test, and other helpful resources.

Saying Goodbye At the End of the Day
Thanks to the families that have completed their end of the
school day forms. If you have not yet completed this
information, please fill out the ‘Saying Goodbye at the End of
the Day’ form included in this bulletin and return it to the office
ASAP. Or, you may fill it out and send it back via email to: or give it to your child’s homeroom

Saying Goodbye at the end of the day

Absence Reporting
Please call the office at 720-424-4910 to report an absence for
your child at the beginning of the day. Alternatively, you can
use the Park Hill App (available for iOS or Android) for reporting.

Student Activity Fee
Please pay your student activity fees ($40 per child) HERE if you
have not yet done so. We will also accept checks or cash in the
school office. Please email Ann Kurth in the office for scholarship
information. The fee covers field trips and associated
transportation and virtual learning expenses.

Need For Water Bottles
● Please have your student bring a reusable water bottle that is labeled with their name.
● The office is in need of disposable (single use), plastic water bottles for children that forget their bottles at home. If any families are able to donate these it would be much appreciated. We will recycle the used bottles at the end of the day.

Extra Masks
Children have been losing masks or some masks have been
breaking. Please send your child with a spare mask that they
can keep in their locker or classroom. We have a few extra,
disposable masks in the office but a limited supply.

Phones/Smartwatch Devices at School
We have been seeing an uptick in students’ use of phones and smart
watches here at school. We understand that parents want to be able
to communicate with their children and know that they are safe. But,
because these devices are becoming disruptive in our classrooms, we are adopting a 0% tolerance policy for use during the school day. If your student is found using a device like this during school hours, it will be confiscated and you will be asked to come to the school to pick it up. Thank you for your understanding.

Medical Forms Now Available on the PH Website
School related health forms are now available on the PH website (Allergy-Anaphylaxis Action Plan,
Asthma Action Plan, Seizure Action Plan, Medication Release Form, Vaccine Exemption Form).
Please visit for more information.

Before/After School Care
If you need after school childcare, but were not able to get your child into the YMCA program here at Park Hill, here are a few other options to check out:

Red Shield (Salvation Army) – 303-295-2107; 2915 N High St

The Children’s Center – 303-333-1335; 5209 Montview Blvd

Opt-In for Transportation for the 2021-22 School Year
Are you eligible for transportation (students in kindergarten through grade five must reside more than one mile from their boundary/home school)? If so, and you would like to catch a ride to campus for the 2021-22 school year, make sure you opt-in. The time is now! You must opt-in by the end of August. Please note, this opt-in process is a major change from years past.

What families need to do now:
● Log into the Parent Portal
● Navigate to the Transportation page, where you’ll find Opt-In Program form
● The default for all students is set to “Opt-out.” If you’d like your student to utilize their transportation
eligibility, please switch the toggle to “Opt-in”
● Remember to click the “submit” button to save your request
Email your questions to
Click Here to Learn How to Opt-In for Transportation

Girls on the Run
Interested in Girls on the Run for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders?
Click on this link to learn more:
Still have questions? Please email