Panther Pages, September 10, 2021

Happy Friday Park Hill Families:

I hope this email finds everyone doing well. Once again, thank you for supporting us through another good week. Despite the intense heat of the past few days, our students have truly persevered and are showing great spirit in all they do.

In particular, we would like to extend our appreciation to our parents and families who are taking all precautions when it comes to your child feeling ill or having possibly been exposed to someone with Covid.  It is through our parents and community that we will keep each other safe and keep our doors open.

If you are concerned that your child has been exposed to someone in your family or in their network who is Covid positive, please call the office immediately, or send an email to our administrative team. Thank you in advance for continuing to put our student safety first.

Ken Burdette, Principal

After School Enrichment Updates

Information about upcoming after-school Enrichment activities are attached below.  Signups will be next Friday, September 17th at 4pm.  Enrichments are planned to begin on the week of September 28th.


Bicycle Racks

Park Hill is looking to add 1-2 more bike racks. If you have any contacts in regards to getting bike racks or can help install once we do, please send an email to Principal Burdette at

Student Activity Fee

Currently just over 50% of families have paid their activity fees or contacted the office for scholarships. Field trips are starting next week and the fee covers field trips and associated transportation and virtual learning expenses.  Please pay your student activity fees ($40 per child) HERE if you have not yet done so. We will also accept checks or cash in the school office. Please email Ann Kurth in the office for scholarship information.

Absence Reporting Reminder

Please use the Park Hill App (available for iOS or Android in the link below) for reporting your child’s absence.  Alternatively, you can call the main office line (720-424-4910) or email to report an absence.  Please report absences in the morning or in advance as this helps save a phone call from our front office staff.  Please do not email responses to School Messenger as these do not get sent to the office.

Park Hill Gear

Park Hill gear will be available for purchase at the Direct Giving / Movie Night on Friday, October 1st.  Families not able to attend will be able to order gear via an order form to be sent out at a later date. More info to come as the Direct Giving / Movie Night approaches!

Phones/Smartwatch Devices at School

We have been seeing an uptick in students’ use of phones and smart watches here at school.  We understand that parents want to be able to communicate with their children and know that they are safe. But, because these devices are becoming disruptive in our classrooms, we are adopting a 0% tolerance policy for use during the school day (unless authorized for a medical reason by the nurse).  If your student is found using a device like this during school hours, it will be confiscated and you will be asked to come to the school to pick it up.  Thank you for your understanding.

HGT/GT testing for grades 1,3,4 and 5

The fall testing nomination is now open through October 15. The application is available online at When you get to the site, scroll down until you see ‘Interested in Magnet Testing?’

This nomination form is for families seeking Gifted and Talented (GT) identification and/or placement at a Highly Gifted Magnet Site. This series of cognitive tests provide us with information for potential HGT or GT identification. Qualifying scores will be put into a body of evidence as 1 data point toward identification. Ultimately 3 qualifying data points are needed for formal identification.

The testing will occur at Park Hill Elementary during the testing window of October 25 – December 3, 2021. Remember the deadline for applications is October 15, 2021.

All kindergarteners and 2nd graders in DPS are given a different HGT/GT test and therefore do not need to apply.

Contact Mary Lauth, Park Hill GT teacher, with questions.