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Sick Policy

Park Hill School wishes to protect the health and well-being of all of our students and staff.  Please know that there are students and staff at Park Hill with compromised immune systems and various other medical conditions, and we all need to do our part to help protect our community.

Students who have been recently ill need to be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. Students who are sent home for illness during the school day will therefore need to miss the next day to recover from any illnesses.  Please take this into account when deciding whether to send your child to school in the morning.

Please do not give your child any medications prior to sending them to school to mask illness symptoms, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions.

Medication Administration at School

DPS does not allow administration of medication at school without the completion of the following forms.  Please have your Pediatrician’s office complete the form in advance of dropping off medications.  All forms must be signed by both the parent and Provider.

If our child has asthma, please have your Pediatrician complete the following form:  Asthma Action Plan

If your child experiences seizures, please have your Pediatrician complete the following form:  Seizure Action Plan

If your child has allergies, please have your Pediatrician complete the following form:  Allergy-Anaphylaxis Action Plan

For all other generalized medications please have your Pediatrician complete the following form:  Medication Administration Form-2022-23

Vaccine Policy

New families are required to provide Immunization information during the Registration process.  Please contact your Pediatrician for current Immunization records.  If you would like to provide a copy to the school nurse instead of uploading them or if you have questions, please contact our school nurse

Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless they have a certificate of medical or nonmedical exemption on file. To protect unvaccinated children, students with an exemption from one or more required vaccines may be kept out of a school or child care during a disease outbreak.

Below are 2 ways to submit an exemption:

1. Vaccine exemption form (physician signature required)

2. Take Online education module for exemption (no physician signature required)

Resources For Families

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