Kiss & Drop Lane

18th and Elm St Kiss & Drop Lane Procedures:

  • The Kiss & Drop Lane will be available every morning from 8:10 – 8:30am.
  • All traffic flow is ONE WAY on Elm  , do not turn around, back up, park or pass cars in the drop off lane
  • If your child is unable to exit your car independently, please park in the appropriate areas on Elm or Fairfax and escort your child – using crosswalks – to the playground gate or arch entrances
  • Stay in the right hand lane advancing as far forward as possible before stopping to drop off your child
  • Park Hill staff and/or parent volunteers will be there to guide you and to help students out of the car and moving safely towards the entrance of the playground and into Kindergarten classrooms
  • All students in the drop off area must exit the cars on the curb side of the car only.
  • Parents CANNOT exit the car to help children. Staff and/or volunteers will be on hand to help. Traffic must keep moving.
  • Please stay in line behind the car in front of you. Do not pull around a car ahead of you.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the street or ‘double park’ to let your child out of the car
  • Students are not allowed to take shortcuts through the cars parked in the drop off lane. Parents should always model safety by properly using the crosswalk.
  • Follow all directions given by the adult volunteer at the crosswalk
  • After 8:30am parents must park and bring children into the school. The Kiss & Drop Lane will be closed. The tardy bell rings at 8:35 and you must ring the bell at the front door after that time.
  • The Kiss & Drop Lane is NOT operational at dismissal.