March 23

This Mindfulness practice is about navigating the unease that may arise before the transition to summer vacation from school routines.

March 16

This Mindfulness practice is about recognizing that our thoughts become things. Events in themselves do not produce stress. What creates overt stress is how we perceive and react to the event. This week we are working on recognizing how time gives us perspective and finding the present moment is truly magical.

March 9

This meditation focuses on our heart space.  Science has shown that focusing on the area of the heart during breath work can be very beneficial for calming the nervous system. I hope you enjoy this heart-focused breathing practice.

March 2

https://youtu.be/uPiLrrnUyjgThis slightly shorter Mindfulness meditation is a refreshing change from seated meditation. In Chinese, this is called Zhan Zhuang (Jam Jong) and is a great practice for people who do not like to sit while meditating. It also gives us a chance to practice mind over body and the power of the breath to manage discomfort.

April 25

This Mindfulness meditation is a standing meditation- meditation can happen in numerous ways. Some people do not like to sit, close their eyes and breathe. So let’s try standing up this week!

April 18

This Mindfulness meditation is about the neuroscience of Mindfulness meditation. Both EEG and MRI studies have shown that our brains are changeable through neuroplasticity. The positive changes Mindfulness meditation causes can be seen in these scans. Let’s geek out this week with the Science of Mindfulness! For younger grades (K-1), you might skip to the meditation at 5:53.

April 11

This week’s lesson is about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment and the ability to control our own attention. Mindfulness is all about learning to control our attention. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose. By practicing Mindfulness you get better at controlling your impulses. One of the best things our children can do for our future success is get better at controlling their impulses and attention. If you are short on time, skip to Part 2 (at the 5:20 mark in the video) or do this week’s in two sessions. For younger students (K-1, you might want to just do the Mindfulness practice Part 2).

April 4

This Mindfulness meditation is about noticing – how do you feel? When I ask that I’m not asking you to make it right or wrong. Just notice. How does Mindfulness help you? Do you enjoy the stillness? Does it help you feel more calm, focused, and centered? Noticing without judgement is an important part of an effective Mindfulness practice.

March 21

This meditation is about how to mindfully deal with grief when we lose a loved one, friend, pet or cherished item. The loss of someone or something can cause sadness, a feeling of emptiness, or pain. This exercise supports the navigation through this difficult emotion and provides a technique to uplift emotions.

March 14

This week I am reading “A Kids Book About Self-Love” by Brandon Farbstein. We start out with a one minute breathing practice to re-center and find calm, presence and focus (to the 2:55 minute mark). Then, I read the book (to the 11:11 minute mark). After the end of the video, there is a Self-Love Oath that kids can do (to the 12:13 minute mark). If you only have three minutes, just play the video to the 2:55 mark. And, if you don’t have time for (or don’t want to do) the oath, simply stop the video after the music stops at the end.

March 7

This Mindfulness meditation is about a Mindfulness technique called Balanced Breathing or Alternate Nostril Breathing. Now that masks are no longer mandated in school, we can do this! It’s an excellent exercise for balancing the brain and calming the nervous system.

February 28

This week’s Mindfulness meditation video is one I created last year. It is about giving loving kindness to ourselves and people in our world (teachers, first responders, front line workers, and everyone on the planet). Recent research has shown that loving kindness meditation helps alleviate depression and anxiety. As we finish up February, American Heart Month, let’s use this heart-centered practice.

February 21

This Mindfulness meditation is about exploring judgement and non-judgement through story and a sensory experience. When we get present in a moment, Mindfulness supports us in not making things “wrong” or “right”- they are just so. My favorite definition of Mindfulness is “being present in a moment, without judgement”.

February 14

This Mindfulness meditation is about getting in touch with our very intelligent heart. In this practice we will be sending ourselves a little tender loving care and having gratitude for our amazing heart.

February 7

Let’s move our bodies this week! Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting still. Sometimes it involves movement. And sometimes it helps to move before you sit still. It helps alleviate jumpy energy and stress. This video also include some tapping which is a great way to calm the nervous system and increase our immune system. Just what we all need right now!

January 31st

This Mindfulness meditation is about how to recognize anxiety – that emotion that is built into us to keep us safe. Sometimes anxiety goes into overdrive and is working even when there is not an actual threat present. This trusting exercise can support us in recognizing when anxiety has kicked in unnecessarily and provide a technique for finding calm. We can also recognize ways to be brave in dealing with situations that may be triggering our anxiety. Slow, steady breathing brings calm.

January 17th

This Mindfulness meditation is about mindful movement. Did you know when you slow down you are more in tune with your body? Moving mindfully improves balance, reduces injury, alerts us to aches and pains from lack of movement or muscle tension, and increases our overall body awareness.

January 10th

This Mindfulness practice is about monitoring our emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. We need to experience the lows to appreciate the highs, the dark to see the light, and so on. The true magic of mindfulness meditation is finding the present moment and observing it without judgment. When we can notice, acknowledge and label our emotions, we can gain more control over them and have power in finding the peace within. Daily meditation practice has shown a compounding effect…so the more you practice mindfulness meditation, the more you will be able to control your emotions and respond rather than react to challenges.

January 3rd

This Mindfulness practice is about monitoring our thoughts. Thoughts come and go and we are continually drawn to think about the past and the future. But, the true magic of mindfulness meditation is finding the present moment and observing it without judgment. The more we can find the present moment, the more we can find focus, centeredness and groundedness. Grounded in a good way, that is. 😉

December 10th

November 29th

This Mindfulness meditation is about thankfulness. Thanksgiving is a good reminder to practice gratitude. In this mindfulness practice, we will do a calming and centering breathing exercise while focusing on one thing we are thankful for…and come up with ways we can do for others. This is a great exercise to do when you feel sad, blue, run down, overwhelmed, or just want to feel a higher frequency emotion. Practicing gratitude and thankfulness can life our mood and pull us out of the pit of despair.

November 15th

This Mindfulness meditation is about noticing feelings, or sensations, in our bodies. Being present in a moment without judgment can help us recognize when we have sensations and identify them. This is a great exercise to do when you need to get to sleep, or get really focused.

November 8th

October 25

This video demonstrates a Mindful breathing practice called Anchor Breath. We are working on using our breath as an anchor – to help us find calm any time or place.

October 15

This Mindfulness meditation is about Star Breathing. Our hands are shaped (sort of) like a star. We can use our hands and fingers as an anchor for breathing exercises and meditation. And, the best part is, we always have our lungs and hands with us!

October 1

This Mindfulness video is a back-to-basics reintroduction for those of you who have seen my videos before and an introduction for those of you who haven’t. 🙂

May 17

This Mindfulness exercise helps us find pause. It’s helpful to get in touch with that quiet space within which we can access when life feels wobbly.

May 3

This Mindfulness meditation (recorded on Earth Day 2021) is about finding our awareness of what a gift it is to live on Planet Earth. Science has shown that feeling connected to nature helps us feel more grounded, but also reduces depression and anxiety. This is a great meditation to do outside!

April 19

This Mindfulness meditation is about giving loving kindness to ourselves and people in our world (teachers, first responders, front line workers, and everyone on the planet). Recent research has shown that loving kindness meditation helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

April 12

This Mindfulness exercise is great when you need to reset your energy. Often when we sit for long periods of time, energy gets stuck and we feel meh. This exercise can help shake things up (or off) and help us re-center our energy – improving focus, calm and the ability to sit still. This is a great thing to do before needing to concentrate or during transitions (like from recess back to school, at the beginning of the school day, or before a test).

April 5

This Mindfulness meditation is about Finding Your Center. Let’s review a basic breathing technique that supports finding that still, small space within where we find our center of calm. When we can do this, we are more able to focus, find calm, perform better on tests, in sports, and in performance arts among other activities.

March 22

This Mindfulness meditation is a revisit of square breathing and a reminder of the usefulness of mindfulness breath work.

March 15

This week’s Mindfulness practice is about recognizing when we are thinking certain thoughts or feeling certain emotions that are unwanted or unpleasant and “flipping the script”…finding the strength within us to choose a different thought or emotion…an important EQ, or emotional intelligence skill.