If you have a student that will be new to DPS next school year (2022-23), families are encouraged to pre-enroll with their neighborhood school during the pre-enrollment period. 

Families that are pre-enrolled receive a student ID number which they can use to access the School Choice website during the school choice window starting in mid-January.

*Current Students DO NOT need to do this.

You will need to complete the Pre-enrollment and HLQ paperwork below and email it to,  with proof of birth, proof of address, and proof of income (for ECE families only) – see accepted documents below.

Pre-Enrollment 2022-2023 Editable PDF vSPANISHpdf
Pre-Enrollment 2022-2023 Editable PDF vENGLISHpdf

2020_21_HLQ_Spanish_EDITABLE_v2020_08_13 2020_21_HLQ_English_EDITABLE_v2020_08_13

Accepted Documents:

Proof of Age:  Birth certificate; baptismal record; hospital record with official signature; passport or I-94

Proof of Address: Current utility bill with service address; Valid rental/lease agreement; Warranty deed; Current mortgage statement; Property tax notice; or Signed contract stating your name, closing date and property address.

Proof of Income (for each working adult in the household):  30 consecutive days of paycheck stubs; (most recent) W-2; or letter from employer on company letterhead that states hours worked and pay rate.  If applicable, proof of non-work income (TANF, food stamps, child support, etc).