Report Cards

Report Cards Available Through Parent Portal

Parents can access their student’s report cards through their Parent Portal account. Sign-in or sign-up here. Once you are signed in to your Portal Account, click on the Report Card menu heading to view your student’s report card. If you have additional questions specific to a class please reach out directly to your student’s teacher for clarification and information.

A few tips to try if you are having a hard time finding your student’s grade:

Direction from the district – If unable to view grades please change to view All grades or Term 1 to see Term 1 grades. If it gives an error that you can’t see the grades, change browsers or clear cache and cookies by holding all 3 keys for 1 mins Ctrl+Shift+ delete clear history for past 24 hours and you should be able to view grades.

Direction from a parent – From the Parent Portal, click on “Check the gradebook” Then on either “Access Reports & Transcripts” or “Infinite Campus Gradebook”, which takes you to the Infinite Campus site. Then, “grades in the left hand column” Then “T1” for Term 1 grades